Endless variations with Gradient tool
28 October 2012

The new version contains these new features:

Gradient fill

  • Creation and modification in real time
  • Various gradient types (Linear, Radial, Angle, Diamond, Spiral)
  • Blend modes and opacity
  • Control over dithering, mirroring, repeating, transparency, ...
  • Advanced controls
    • Density, Squish, Turn, Antialiasing
    • Wave deformation with advanced settings

Gradient Panel

  • Stored preset gradients
  • Creation and modification of the gradient colors and transparency
  • Control over smoothness of the gradient

Layer tools

  • New merge functions (Down, Visible, All)
  • Arrange layers
  • Align layers to selection
  • Layers can be cloned into another image
  • Layer selection functions (All, Deselect)


  • Panels have menus
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed feedback form
  • Fixed subscription

I was experiencing some difficulties with the feedback form during September and October. In case I missed your feedback, please write it again. In case you were experiencing difficulties with subscription form, please try it again. Thank you.

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