Technology behind Photo Raster

21 November 2011 

The PhotoRaster is not only aiming to be pioneer in the computer graphics but also in the underlying technologies. Other similar applications are mostly based on the Flash, which allows them to inherit many rich features from Flash API. These Flash core features are very powerful and allows developers to create graphics applications relatively "easily", but Flash has one big drawback. When you want to go beyond these core features or extend existing ones then you have to write them from scratch using AcionScript which is not fast enough for real time complex image processing. Same problem is with applications based on HTML5 Canvas. But there is a hope which comes with WebGL and in the future with WebCL. With WebGL most of the image processing is done on the fast GPU and only these algorithms which are not suitable or practical for GPU processing will be done using JavaScript. Of curse it is not so easy as it sounds, there are many obstacles to overcome as I discovered during development of PhotoRaster. It is difficult but not impossible. After about year of the development I can honestly say that PhotoRaster will go well beyond features of already existing web applications and in some cases beyond features of professional desktop applications.

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