Vision of Photo Raster

20 November 2011 

PhotoRaster is going to be advanced online photo editor. There are already some other online photo editors or drawing applications on the web, but PhotoRaster is aiming to be little more serious web application. Goal is to use proved photo editing techniques and improve them were it is possible. Nowadays with power of the GPUs there are opening new unexplored possibilities and PhotoRaster is there to explore them. One very cool feature which you can expect in PhotoRaster are layer masks. Unlike other similar programs which usually have only one or two masks per layer, in PhotoRaster you can have up to four masks per layer. Now imagine adjustment layers, where masks affect not only opacity but also other parameters like contrast or brightness. This is just one example of new features which you can expect in PhotoRaster. First releases of the PhotoRaster will have very limited feature set, which will be gradually expanded in the future. Welcome at the beginning of the very exiting road to the future of the computer graphics.

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