Selection tools – Magic Wand

  • This tool allows you to select area of an image based on its color. When selection is applied to the image then other tools (e.g. paint tools, filters, …) affects only selected area. This tool also provides additional settings for more precise control. 

How to use
  • Click left mouse button anywhere in the image and the magic wand will select an area around the pixel you clicked.  

  • The magic wand selects only pixels which have similar color. You can set tolerance of the similarity (2). Higher the tolerance more pixels are classified as similar. 

  • If you apply the magic wand on completely transparent pixel then similarity is based on transparency (alpha). 

  • You can also combine previous selection with new selection by using selection modes. 

  • Selection can be canceled by pressing keys Ctrl+D or in the application menu “Selection->Deselect”. 

  • Selection can be inverted by pressing keys Shift+Ctrl+I or in the application menu “Selection->Invert Selection”. 

  • All image can be selected by pressing keys Ctrl+A or in the application menu “Selection->Select All”. 

  • Selection can be moved in the following way. Position mouse cursor over the selected area. If all conditions are met then cursor should change to “black arrow”. Press and hold left mouse button and move the mouse over the image. Selected area will follow mouse movements. Release left mouse button.  

  • Selection applies to whole image.  

Tool settings


  1. 1.Sets selection mode. 

  2. 2.Tolerance – Sets tolerance. Higher the tolerance more pixels are classified as similar. 

  3. 3.Antialias – Sets whether edges of selected area will be antialiased. 

  4. 4.Contiguous – Sets whether only contiguous area will be selected. 

  5. 5.Multilayer – Sets whether selected area will be based on composition of all layers. If disabled then area is determined from currently selected layer. 

  6. 6.Ignore Mask – Set whether masked areas will be taken into account. 


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