Paint tools – Red eye removal

  • This tool allows you to remove red color from pupil area. You can control tool execution by various settings. 

How to use
  • To use the removal tool, press and hold left mouse button in the center of pupil and move the mouse over the eye. The distance of the cursor from the center of the pupil shapes radius and shape of the area in which red color will be removed. Once you have encircled desired area, release left mouse button. In case you don't like results, then you can use Undo and repeat same action with different settings or different shape of the area. 

  • Only one layer can be selected during the removal. 

  • If some areas of the image are selected then tool will be only applied to the selected areas.  

Tool settings


  1. 1.Softness – Sets how soft will be edge of applied area.  

  2. 2.Darkness – Set level of additional darkness. 

  3. 3.Desaturate – Sets level of desaturation. 

  4. 4.Threshold – Sets at which threshold will be red color removed. 

  5. 5.Reset – Sets default settings. 

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