Paint tools – Paint Can

  • This tool allows you to fill an area of an image based on color similarity. This tool also provides additional settings for more precise control. 

How to use
  • Click left mouse button anywhere in the image and the paint can will fill an area around the pixel you clicked.  

  • The paint can fills only pixels which have similar color. You can set tolerance of the similarity (1). Higher the tolerance more pixels are classified as similar. 

  • If you apply the pain can on completely transparent pixel then similarity is based on transparency (alpha). 

  • Only one layer can be selected during the paint. 

  • If some areas of the image are selected then paint will be only applied to the selected areas.  

Tool settings


  1. 1.Tolerance – Sets tolerance. Higher the tolerance more pixels are classified as similar. 

  2. 2.Paint Mode – Sets how paint color will be mixed with existing content. Paint modes are same as layer Blend Modes. 

  3. 3.Opacity – Sets with which opacity will be paint mixed with existing content. 

  4. 4.Antialias – Sets whether edges of filled area will be antialiased. 

  5. 5.Contiguous – Sets whether only contiguous area will be filled. 

  6. 6.Multilayer – Sets whether filled area will be based on composition of all layers. If disabled then area is determined from currently selected layer. 

  7. 7.Ignore Mask – Set whether masked areas will be taken into account. 


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