Paint tools – Soften / Sharpen / Smudge

  • This tool allows you to blur, sharpen or smudge the image layer with the brush. You can select from various shapes of the brushes and set brush properties. 

How to use
  • To use the brush tool, press and hold left mouse button and move the mouse over the image.  

  • Only one layer can be selected during the paint. 

  • If some areas of the image are selected then paint will be only applied to the selected areas.  

Tool settings


  1. 1.Sets soften (blur) mode. 

  2. 2.Sets sharpen mode. 

  3. 3.Sets smudges mode. 

  4. 4.Sets smudge paint mode. This mode is same as smudge except that it applies current foreground color into the smudge. 

  5. 5.Displays Brush Panel, where can be set brush properties like size, hardness, … 

  6. 6.Strength – Sets with which strength will be tool applied. 

  7. 7.Flow – Sets at which rate will be tool applied. 

  8. 8.Sets tool into the spray mode. 

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