Menu – File

  • Creates the new image. During this action is “New Image” dialog displayed. 

  • Displays system file dialog where user can select image. Supported image types are: *.PRA (Photo Raster's own image format) and most common image file formats like *.JPG, *.GIF, *.TGA, *.BMP, ... 

  • Closes the current opened image. 

Save As ...
  • Saves image in Photo Raster's own image format *.PRA. This format saves everything which was created in the editor. Everything like layers, masks, selections is saved in uncompressed form with per pixel accuracy. This format produces large image files. Main advantage of this format is that you can save your work and continue working later. During this action is “Save As” dialog displayed. 

Export As ...
  • Saves image in the form intended for export or publishing. All image layers and masks are flattened into one layer with one alpha channel. Selections are not saved. Supported formats are *.JPG and *.PNG. The *.JPG format saves image with loss compression. This meas that image can be slightly visually degraded over original image. Main advantage of the *.JPG file format is that large files can stored in small files. The *.PNG format saves images with loss less compression. This means that image is pixel by pixel same as flattened original image. Disadvantage of the *.PNG format is that large images produce large image files (larger than *.JPG). During this action is “Export As” dialog displayed. 


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